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We are a wolf roleplay site branched off of the Tropical Skys Pack.
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 Milly, Silent But Deadly

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PostSubject: Milly, Silent But Deadly   Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:15 pm

*Three years*
*Sebastion a male, Camo a male, Shay a female*
*N/A(hopes to join the loner gang)*
*Thick medium length fur*
*Mill has a undercoat of light fluffy cream fur with another layer of thick reddish fur. Her red fur covers most of her body and the only cream fur that can be seen is on her underbelly, cheeks, legs, and her muzzle(she looks exactly like my avatar)*
*She has violet colored eyes that can appear to change shade in differant casts of light. Most of the time purple eyes can be seen but sometimes silver or cyan colored eyes can be found in her gaze*
*She has a small but deep scar under her eye and several small scratches on her muzzle, chest, up her legs, on her shoulders, and nasty scars on her stomach*
*Mill is large for a fae and she has strong legs and muscles. Her ears are large and set apart, her over all build is stout and somewhat brute like. Her tail is long thick and fluffy and her paws are large*
*Milly is a bitter and negative wolf. It is hard for her to see the good in others or anything really, she can be grumpy and rarely friendly, sometimes bold, nosey, and is always straight forward though she barely speaks. When she is challenged to a fight she gets started immediatly and doesnt allow her opponet to attack first. She can be sly and is mysterious, very secretive and she always sticks to her word if possible, if not possible then she didnt say she could or would do it. When she is bored or feels she could improve her fighting skills, she randomly attacks a wolf that she thinks will fight back. Her feelings are low and keapt at bay from others, barely ever showing her sorrow emotion though her anger can be seen constantly. She is aggressive and can be angered easily, you can tell is she is getting furious because she will start to breath deeply and her voice will be throaty and rough, she has very little patientence and doesnt cower to the leaders/alphas. She doesnt respect the leader much but she doesnt challenge her either. She doesnt wish to become leader or deputy and will not challenge them for their rank as she is happy being ignored and isnt very good at bossing or making orders, the only time she would ever fight the leader is in training, defense, or if she becomes an omega and wishes to be a subordinate again. The leader is the one wolf she will not start a fight with unless provoked, due to the fact she does not wish to be banned, eaten alive, or become an omega and a fight with the leader, she knows will often make one of those things to happen. She fights without emosion, blocking out the wolves face so that she could fight and kill her own pups or old mate if needed to, she follows orders and does them with pride and effort*
*Mill is a swell fighter and she has a little less than regular wolf speed though she has great bursts of stamina*
*Mill is a little slower than other wolves due to her size and her aggressive personality can get in the way of making friends or even making aquentices*
Milly was born in a average pack, she was friendly and outgoing in the pack and was happy with her parents and one sister. She lived in the pack for only eight weeks when another larger pack came down to take the land. Few of her pack mates fled the land though most were killed by the aggressive pack. Milly and her sister were almost killed in the battle, but luckily the savage pack decided to take in all of the young enough pups to join there pack and make it bigger. So Milly and her sister were picked up and taken to the wolves camp where they learned to survive on their own. The pack their was cruel and savage, for a while Milly tried to act like the pack did until eventally she as well became savage and brutal. She became a skilled and valuable warrior to the pack, she was a great asset. Finally when she was two years old she was told to become mates with a large black male that also was a great warrior. The brutes name was Torpedo. Milly wanted to be the best pack member she could be so she accepted Torpedo as a mate, knowing the pack had chosen them to mate so that they could create large brawny children. Milly and Torpedo soon had pups together though they never had any affection or care for each other. They had three pups, one light gray male with thick fur that they named Sebastion, another much larger male with dark gray fur named Camo, and the last fae named Shay who had thinner light gray fur. By the time Milly's pups had been born she was almost three years old. Around that time some hunters had come in, looking for some wolves that they could skin for the wolves fur. Milly's pups were barely three weeks at the time when Milly ventured away from the camp and started to hunt. She heard the hound dogs immediatly and she knew hunters would soon be after her. She quickly turned and started running the other direction before she scented the people on the opposite side of the dogs where she was headed. She realized the dogs were hearding her to the people so she turned to face the dogs instead. Just as she turned ten dogs barreled into her and had her down in moments. They managed to tear into her stomach in deep slashes before Mill managed to struggle away from the dogs and back to the camp in a winding fashion, confusing the dogs so that they could not track her. She could barely walk when she reached her den and the alpha noticed her and pounced on her roughly. She had yelped in pain and was given the rank omega for her injury's. She didnt except that rank and despised it as it wolves started to leap and tear into her sides as she past. She refused to cower and quickly left at night time, limping away from her former pack with no emotion showing on her face. She wondered around for only a month when she noticed the mountain. She made her climb up it, her stomach almost completely healed.
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PostSubject: Re: Milly, Silent But Deadly   Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:01 pm

Nice bio, Milly, and welcome to the gang!

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My claws are sharp.
Attacking like a darts,
Defending like a wall of shards.
There is no way out,
Not even if you shout.
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PostSubject: Re: Milly, Silent But Deadly   Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:30 pm

Welcome to the gang! Your wolf is a lot like Rosa (looks, had a mate and pups)... lol!

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Click the image to go to Devil's biography.

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PostSubject: Re: Milly, Silent But Deadly   Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:05 pm

Oh oops! Sorry for them to be alike, I just figured I could make pups and a mate so that later on I can have one of her pups join rp or something if that is allowed ^.^ Also she wasnt really in "love" with her mate, she jst wanted to help make the pack strong with good young I guess. Lol not quite sure but I thought of those names of her pups and I really liked them so I had to use them somewhere xD
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PostSubject: Re: Milly, Silent But Deadly   Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:26 pm

Welcome to the gang Mill!

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PostSubject: Re: Milly, Silent But Deadly   

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Milly, Silent But Deadly
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