The Loner Gang of Winter Mountain

We are a wolf roleplay site branched off of the Tropical Skys Pack.
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 Dagger the Malamute

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PostSubject: Dagger the Malamute   Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:04 pm

NAME: Dagger
AGE: Four years
SPECIES: Alaskan malamute
TEAM: Team 1
RANK: Wheeler(if that is ok)

FUR COLOR: Pure white with black malamute marks(see picture)
EYE COLOR: Bright forest green eyes
SCARS: A large scar on his chest and muzzle from a moose attack
BUILD: Dag has a large body with strong legs, a curled tail, pointed ears, and strong jaws

PERSONALITY: Dagger is aggressive, protective, loyal, brave, and independent. He is also extremly stubborn and rebbelios, not enjoying doing what he is told or when. He also likes to jibe omega's and snap at them on occasion though he can also be somewhat sweet at times and he secretly likes to play games(Like fetch, tag, wrestling, etc.)
Attack: He loves to fight and is somewhat great at it
Strength: He is extremly strong with muscle covering his body
Speed: This skill is not as strong as others...
Stamina: He has large amounts of stamina
Sled pulling: He is very expierenced and has been a sled dog for two years, though he has been training through out his life

HISTORY: Dagger was born in Yukon along with his brother, Kiba. He was the largest of the litter, with his brother and sister, Alayn, he constantly wrestled and would play games. His brother was sold at a young age and then he soon was sold as well, though he was sold to another country to become a professional sled dog. For two years he trained to become a sled dog before actually becoming one, he was great at pulling and extremly strong. His owners name was Richard Park and Dagger loved him dearly, he lived with Richard and five other sled dogs that were like brothers to him. He lived happily and loved his life, he wa a decent unaggressive dog then. However one day, a few days after he became a lead sled dog, he was pulling the sled with the other dogs and his master when he encountered a moose on the trail. The moose charged them and managed to wound Dagger badly, luckily no one else got hurt as Richard had a gun and he quickly shot the animal, the moose ran off suddenly scared. However Dagger was on the brink of death, the moose had slammed into him with its hooves and gave him head trama. He was taken to the vet for several months and when he was finally able to come home, on the drive home Richard threw Dagger out on the road. Dag was confused at first and stayed loyaly at the spot for a day untill he realized he was just abandoned. He ran off to become a stary, at first depressed at what had happened though that sadness soon boiled to hate. He turned aggressive and hated everything, one day a dog catcher found him and managed to catch him, he was taken to the pound and he lived in the pound until he was four years old though he switched from pound to pound, unable to find a home or be adopted. Eventoually they decided they would have to put him down or find someone to buy him. They decided to ship him to Yukon where sled dogs wer used. Once in the pound at Yukon, he was quickly bought by team 1

I may be small but I am sly,
I may be weaker but I am quicker,
I may be silent but I am intelligent
I may be a yearling but I am also your worst nightmare


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PostSubject: Re: Dagger the Malamute   Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:15 pm

Accepted, Dagger aka Bullet.


My claws are sharp.
Attacking like a darts,
Defending like a wall of shards.
There is no way out,
Not even if you shout.
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Dagger the Malamute
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