The Loner Gang of Winter Mountain

We are a wolf roleplay site branched off of the Tropical Skys Pack.
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PostSubject: .:Alaska:.   Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:30 pm


Name= Alaska
Gender= Female
Age= Three years
Species= Pure bred husky
Team= Team 1
Rank= Subordinate
Fur Color= She has a white base coat with silver siberian husky markings and black ear tips
Eye Color= Baby blue
Build= She is as big as a regular husky with fluffy thick fur with pointed ears and her tail is slightly curled
Personality= Alaska is a quiet and independent dog, she isnt particularily the kindest dog and she has been known to bite and attack if someone trys to steal her food, though she isnt particularily evil either. She has her good days where she is quiet and not even known to be there, and then her bad das where she growls. She is quick on her long legs and she has a lot of stamina built into her, enabling her to run quickly for miles without tiring
Likes= Pups, running, sled pulling, fighting, and races
Dislikes= When others take her food
History= Alaska was born in, well, Alaska. She had a farely normal first two years of life, being trained to be a sled dog by her owner, Marcus. She lived with three other dogs that would also pull sleds with her. She was at the back of the sled. She trained well and was soon a supreme sled puller, though one day Marcus went bankrupt. He had to sell all his precious dogs including her. She was sold to an aggressive and slightly more abusive owner than Marcus was. He would kick her with her boots and always take away her food. She would run hours a day and she loved that, though she was not used to it. Soon five other dogs came along to join her small team. They were all aggressive males that liked to tease her. She started to get wounded by the males and she could no longer pull the sled, she was going to be taken to the pound. Though he ran away before she could be taken there. She wanderd as a stray for a couple of months before she found team 1, she became a member of their team.

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