The Loner Gang of Winter Mountain

We are a wolf roleplay site branched off of the Tropical Skys Pack.
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 In Memory of...

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Character sheet
Name: Eclipse
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Current Location in RP: The Main Cave

PostSubject: In Memory of...   Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:32 pm

Post the bios of your deceased characters here...

Tornado's Biography

Name: Tornado

Nicknames: Tordo, Tor, Torn

Gender: Male

Age: 5 years

Rank: Subordinate (formerly leader, then omega)

Status: Deceased

Roleplay: "Return of the Loners"

Species: Grey Wolf

Physical Description: A large, well-muscled black wolf with a strong build. He had striking orange eyes up until he was blinded by Rosaleena. Now Tornado's eyes are dim and a milky gray. His blindness, however, gives him a better sense of smell and hearing.

Personality: Unlike his son Earthquake, Tornado is not prone to uncontrolled spurts of anger. Instead, he is cool and calculated. He is known to be very smart, he planned the attack on the Tropical Skys Pack. Tordo is halfway between fair and harsh, always cold and cunning, which is even more frightening to some.

History: Tornado lived in the loner gang as a pup. Then, the gang had lived in an Arctic area before the humans captured them and sent to Hawaii as an experiment to see how they would adapt. Torn was the runt of the litter belonging to the leader, but he grew stronger than his siblings and drove them out of the loner gang when he became leader. Ever since the loner gang has been sent to Winter Mountain, Tornado had been their leader. The gang thrived under his rule, and reached a population size of fifty to sixty loners. His mate was Hurricane, and his only surviving son was Quake. Tor decided that the loners were destined to rule TSP's lands, so he planned an attack. The cave collapsed during the battle, and Tornado was blinded by Rosaleena. He, however, managed to escape before the cave actually collapsed on top of him.


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


Mate: Hurricane (deceased)
Crush: Hurricane (deceased)
Pups: Earthquake (deceased), Eclipse
Best Friends: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Acquaintances: Everyone in the pre-collapse loner gang, Kagura, Dusk, Angel, Thunder.
Foes: Deviless, many others...
Arch Enemy: Rosaleena!

Earthquake's Biography

Name: Earthquake

Nicknames: Earth, Quake

Gender: Male

Age: 2.5 years

Rank: Omega (formerly leader)

Status: Deceased

Species: Grey Wolf

Description: A large, muscular, mottled gray wolf. He has deep green eyes and a long scar that runs down his flank. The tip of one of Earthquake's ears is missing, probably bitten off by another wolf.

Personality: Earthquake can be harsh and controlling. He is proud and confident. However, he had a light side hidden underneath all of that power and cruelty.

History: Earthquake was the son of Tornado(father) and Hurricane(mother). He was the deputy for a short time. After the battle and cave collapse, he became leader and rebuilt the loner gang. After he fell in love with Angel, Deviless overthrew him and he became an omega. When Quake tried to challenge Devil, he lost his life.


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


Mate: None
Crush: Angel
Pups: No
Best Friends: Not really...
Friends: Kagura, Tornado (kinda), Eclipse
Acquaintances: Everyone in the pre-collapse loner gang, Dusk, Thunder.
Foes: Rosaleena, Seaspray, many others in pre-collaspe loner gang...
Arch Enemy: Deviless

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PostSubject: Re: In Memory of...   Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:35 pm

Name~ Rocket

Nickname~ Rocky, Rock

Gender~ Male

Species~ Wolf

Age~ three months old

Rank~ Pup

Roleplay~ Return of the loners

Fur~ Almost completely black, but has streaks of silver fur on his shoulder blades, tail, paws, and above eyes

Eyes~ Baby blue

Personality~ Rocky is very stubborn and has anger issues, He hates his brother and currently wishes him dead. He's smaller than his brother and Rocky is planning to attack Bullet while he's hurt.

History~ Rocket doesnt remember his first weeks of life, just that he had one brother, a sister, a mom, and a dad. His mom, dad, and older sister had died in the cave collapse so he didnt really even know them. After they had died, he and his brother Bullet, were adopted by a survivng fae who was his moms younger sister(the sister was only eight months old but she could still care for them). She raised them untill he and his brother were two months old, thats when she told them the story of his parents and sister and that she wasnt there real mom. Rocky was angry with her but said nothing. Bullet didnt say any thing either but his face was twisted in anger.Turns out that Bullet was furious and later that night, he attacked the sleeping fae and he went for the throat, killing her quickly. Rocky was alarmed at his brothers sudden aggressive behavior but he felt nothing when he killed her. No remorse for the dead female, no anger at his brother. He actually was a bit jelous but he still felt proud of his brother. Rocky kept what small feelings he had to himself, he acctually felt nothing for the dead fae, his parents, or sisters death. They were just dead. Thats the way he thought about it. So then him and Bullet traveled across the land, only pausing as they saw the pack of loners. Later when he joined the loners gang Bullet had been furious and had enogh of Rocket bossing him around. Rocket attacked Bullet for dominance when Bullet had an injured paw but adult wolves took Rocket off. Rocket was furious and randomly attacked Lilith when she looked at him, ater he bit her he ran off before she could hurt him, Lilith had chased Rocket and they got in a fight. Bullet had came over to watch the fight and see if Rocket would get hurt. When the fight got closer to Bullet, Rocket let go of Lilith and attacked Bullet. He almost one because Bullet was already injured though in the end Rocket died from wounds that his brother gave him and Bullet had a large neck wound from Rocket. Rockets body was dragged to a food pile to be eaten.
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In Memory of...
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